Demonic Emperor
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Type Manhua

Demonic Emperor

Alternative Titles Demonic Emperor, Housekeeper Is the Magic Emperor, Magic Emperor, Mo Huang Da Guan Jia, The Servant Is the Demon King?!, The Steward Demonic Emperor, امپراطور جادو, 魔皇大管家, 마황의 귀환

Synopsis Demonic Emperor

Zhuo Yi Fan was called the Demonic Emperor because he became the strongest by using the Ancient Devil King’s Book of the Nine Secrets. Targeted by all the Holy Land experts and even betrayed by his own disciple out of greed for his powers, he died. His soul comes back and enters a family’s steward, named Zhuo Fan. Restricted by the body’s feelings, he cannot ignore the family and the mistress he serves. Uniting the child’s memories with those of his former life, he will now lead this declining family back to the pinnacle of this continent and reclaim his seat at the top!

Released 2019
Author Wuer Manhua, Ye Xiao
Artist Wuer Manhua
Serialization Kuaikan
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